Consulting Practice Areas

The trigger point for engaging outside expertise often occurs as a result of one or more of the following situations:

  • New Technological Opportunity: A product or project involves a new or improved technology – such as thin film solar PV, Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – entailing the development or redesign of a value chain.
  • Green Legislation: Regulators are evaluating or have already passed new legislation that impacts industry value chains and contracts, often involving CO2 reduction, market liberalization, sectoral restructuring, or new environmental or labor standards.
  • Merger & Acquisition Activity: A company is investigating acquisition targets or diversification into non-core businesses (e.g., a traditional energy company building windfarms, or an upstream company evaluating whether to build downstream facilities).
  • Ambitious Capital Project or Program: A capital program involves larger investment than the company has undertaken in the past, raising complex and interrelated questions of capacity, price, and lead time, even with familiar types of services and equipment.
  • Financial Under-performance or Distress: A company or project has extensive cost over-runs, is the subject of substantial claims, or has entered litigation or bankruptcy.