Supply Chain Management: Principles and Best Practices You Can Use

The benefits of supply chain management translate to improvements in revenue, cost and assets. Revenue increases the top line. Cost savings improve profits and/or […]

More EPC Project Opportunities in China

The list below contains some capital projects you may find interesting. They are all approved and funded by government sources, and each one […]

Legal Case of the Month: Natural Gas Contracts

For 30 years, David Steven Jacoby has advised oil, gas, power, transportation, automotive, retail and legal clients in over 50 countries on procurement, contracting, […]

Policy Paper of the Month: Infrastructure Spending

Job creation and employment implications of trade policy Infrastructure and transportation investment evaluation Public Private Partnership economics Carbon pricing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions […]

Where is the Trade War Headed?

What is the end game of the escalating trade war between the US and China? David Steven Jacoby’s book “Trump, Trade and the […]

Supply Chain Management: Principles and Best Practices You Can Use

The 39 methods, techniques and methods of SCM can be used to successfully execute the 4 supply chain management (SCM) strategies: rationalisation, synchronisation, […]

Economic & Trade Policy Paper of the Month

David Steven Jacoby and the team at Boston Strategies International recently completed a policy study on clean energy value chains, which involved a […]

Expert Witness Case of the Month

For 30 years, David Steven Jacoby has advised oil, gas, power, transportation, automotive, retail and legal clients in over 50 countries on procurement, contracting, […]

Energy, E-mobility, and Clean Tech Investments Seeking P/E, VC, and Project Finance

Please find below a list of fast-growing companies and projects that I am working with. Many of them are looking for funding. If […]

Editorial: Setting New Rules for World Trade

The current trade policy of the current U.S. administration is inflating U.S. costs and driving away longstanding trading partners while not changing the […]

Editorial: Focus on the Services Surplus, Not the Trade Deficit

Blaming the world for the US trade deficit misses a major opportunity: the US is already a global leader in services exports, and […]

BSI expands to include Capital Project Management

BSI offers end-to-end capital budgeting and capital project management, encompassing Cost Benchmarking and Estimating, Value Chain Engineering, Tender Design and Management, Contract Negotiation, […]

Landmark New Book on Global Trade Policy

BSI President David Jacoby has written another thought-provoking book:  Trump, Trade, and the End of Globalization. The book, which provides a roadmap for […]

BSI Expands to Include Compliance Solutions 

BSI is pleased to announce that we have expanded our offering to include software solutions for ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements, including REACH, […]

Opinion: Stop Blaming China for America’s Problems

The United States has not lost international economic power because of China. Or Germany, or Mexico, or Turkey, or any other country. It’s […]

BSI Expands Regulatory Impact Analysis Consulting to Include Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

BSI is pleased to announce that we have expanded our Regulatory Impact Analysis service line to include reliable environmental and social impact assessments that […]

BSI Expands to Include Equity and Debt Financing Services

BSI has recently expanded its offering to include services related to Private Equity, Debt & Project Financing, and Venture Capital. BSI’s new Portfolio […]

How to Ensure Your Suppliers’ Compliance to Corporate Social Responsibility Laws

As I point out via personal anecdotes in my book From Bogota to Beijing: Development and Life After Globalization, slavery, corruption, and double […]

How to Audit Your Suppliers’ Compliance to REACH, RoHS, and Chemicals Reporting Requirements

As I pointed out in my recent book The High Cost of Low Prices, governments are paying closer attention to environmental side-effects of […]

Electrify Europe Conference and Exhibition in Vienna

David Jacoby, President of BSI Energy Finance, will be speaking in Vienna on June 20th at the Electrify Europe conference and exhibition. Electrify Europe is […]

18th Annual Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in San Diego

David Jacoby will be addressing the opening plenary session of the 18th Annual Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in San Diego on June 4th. His address, Navigating […]

Global Investors Annual Meeting 2018 in New York City

David Jacoby, President of Boston Strategies International, will be attending the Global Investors Meeting in New York City on May 16th and 17th. The Global […]

Global Leadership Panel at Wharton Alumni Weekend 2018

Global Leadership Panel at Wharton Alumni Weekend 2018 Saturday, May 12 from 3:00-4:00 pm in F85, Jon M. Huntsman Hall David Jacoby will be a […]

BSI Announces Publication of Landmark Book on Sustainable Supply Chains

BSI President David Jacoby has written another thought-provoking book on supply chain management, The High Cost of Low Prices: A Roadmap to Sustainable […]

Your Products Have Become Commodities

No matter how sophisticated your products are, your manufactured products are becoming commodities as your competitors integrate manufactured products with services and information to […]

BSI Completes Comparison of Renewable Energy Economics

Boston Strategies International (BSI) recently completed a study of renewable energy costs and value chains for a branch of the Mexican government’s Instituto […]

What is Your Plan For the Upcoming Carbon Tax?

Multinational carbon taxation needs to be executed carefully in order to manage the market value impact in the conventional energy sector. Of the […]

BSI Team Short-Listed in Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s “Circular Design Challenge”

  A team from Boston Strategies International (BSI) submitted a proposal for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Design Challenge, and it was among […]

BSI Studies Energy Storage Applications in Electricity Markets

Boston Strategies International (BSI) recently conducted a study to assess the potential uses of batteries for energy storage in Mexico. The Mexican Energy […]

BSI President Speaks on the Role of Renewables in Canada’s Energy Future

Boston Strategies International’s President Mr. David Jacoby spoke on the Comparative Economics of Combined Cycle, Solar, Wind, Hydro, and Geothermal Power at the […]

BSI Shares Market Outlook for Solar PV

      Boston Strategies International’s President Mr. David Jacoby Shared BSI’s Analysis of the Solar PV Market at the SNEC Conference in […]

Global Consequences of Brexit for Generations to Come

Decisiveness is usually a good thing in matters of economic policy. Markets depend on stability, and growth depends on markets, ergo growth depends […]

Trump Administration – What is the Current US Trade Policy?

The Trump administration’s trade policy is anything but Republican. From a conventional economic perspective it would seem isolationist and protectionist. Its coherence could […]

Distributed Generation’s Role in Colombia’s Future

Drought, electricity rationing, and increasing reliance on dirty thermal power are adding to the woes of the Colombian power sector. El Niño has […]

Impact of Energy Prices on Global Supply Chain Design

Boston Strategies International’s President, David Jacoby delivered the results of BSI’s recent study “Impact of Energy Prices on Logistics & Global Supply Chains” […]

A Single Cyber Attack can Cause up to over $60b Loss for the US Economy

Attacks on control systems for critical infrastructure have risen by more than 250% over the past four years in the US, as web […]

BSI wins contract with Instituto Nacional de Ecología y Cambio Climático (INECC)

Boston Strategies International (BSI) has been engaged by a branch of the Mexican government – the Instituto Nacional de Ecología y Cambio Climático […]

Next Generation Supply Chains: Huge Window of Opportunity for O&G Suppliers that Create Disruptive Decreases in Cost

The oil and gas equipment supply industry has been hit hard in recent years. While nominal prices increased by 17% between 2007 and […]

Where is the Industrial Gases Mega-merger Trail Heading?

The global Industrial Gases industry has been dominated by about 5 major players controlling more than 70% of the market.Recently, strategic business alliances […]

The Benefits of European Integration: Don’t Forget What We Learned Between 1957 and 1992

It’s too bad Britain can’t admit that it made a regrettable mistake, ask for forgiveness, and call for a re-vote on Brexit. Now […]

CSSOPE 2016 – “Supply Chain Management in This Oil and Gas Depression”

Boston Strategies International’s President, David Jacoby delivered the opening keynote presentation and conducted a workshop at The 6th Conference and Exhibition – China […]

BSI Offers $2 Billion in Savings to Mexican Energy Projects: President Interviewed by Mexican Business Journals

    Monterrey, Mexico (April 22, 2016). – With the aim to help the Mexican government save $2 billion on the gas pipeline […]

2nd Mexico Gas Summit – Expanding the distribution network

People (right to left): Clay Bretches (President & CEO of Sendero Midstream), Eduardo Nieves (head of the Technical System Operations and Planning Office at the Natural Gas National […]

BSI a sponsor of 2nd Mexico Gas Summit 2016 & moderating “Hydrocarbons Infrastructure” panel discussion

BSI’s President, David Jacoby will be the moderator of the “Hydrocarbons Infrastructure” panel discussion at the 2nd Mexico Gas Summit – The leading natural […]

BSI to Deliver Keynote Address at China Sourcing Summit

Boston Strategies International will attend the 6th Conference and Exhibition – China Sourcing Summit On Petroleum & Chemical Equipment (CSSOPE 2016) to be held […]

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After Cap & Trade Failure In Europe, USA, and Australia, China’s Next

China is the largest polluter of GHG emissions, credited for nearly 30% of global emissions. It currently emits over 10b tonnes of CO2 equivalent […]

No Business Sense: Caspian Pipelines Will Cost 5 Times Others And Suffer Loss Of 25% Revenue

Central Asia is fast becoming a region of strategic importance because of large reserves of natural gas being discovered here and prospects of […]

Fracking in Mexico: Challenges and Key Success Factors

Pemex plans to increase shale activity in the next few years, budgeting over $575m in 2014, highlighting some 200 shale gas opportunities in […]

Fracking: Where Will Latin America Be Without It?

Latin America, which holds approximately one-fourth of the world’s recoverable shale oil and gas reserves, is poised to reap the benefits of the […]

Fracking Fever in Colombia

In Colombia, shale potential is mainly present in three of its 23 basins: the Middle Magdalena Valley (MMVB), Llanos, and Catatumbo basins, amounting […]

Boston Strategies Targeting Significant Emission Reduction

BSI has committed to reduce its carbon footprint per revenue dollar for fiscal year 2015 by 63%. This follows a 21% reduction in […]

Alternative fuel vehicles:Have we passed the tipping point?

Terrafugia’s production of the first U.S. Federal approved flying car, the Transition, suggests that we have taken a huge step closer to accomplishing […]

The war against ISIS: Changing the oil landscape in the Middle East

The spotlight on recent events in the Middle East, while understandably focused on ISIS and the coalition battling it, has overshadowed the potential […]

Is it possible to perpetually extend the fossil fuel frontier?

In their book “Ecological Economics” Daly and Farley wrote: “We almost certainly will never exhaust fossil fuel stocks in physical terms, because there […]

Corruption is Delaying Socioeconomic Benefits of Liberian E&P Investments, but Local Supply Chain Development Can Stimulate Foreign Investment and Economic Growth Indirectly

At first glance Liberia doesn’t seem as corrupt as its West African neighbors – it received 41 out of 100 on Transparency International’s […]

How West African National Oil Companies Can Raise Their Equity Stake in Upcoming Projects from 15% to 50%

Ghana National Petroleum has 15% ownership of the Deepwater Tano Contract Area. The other 85% of the ownership went to Tullow (47%), Kosmos […]

Bahrain’s LNG Terminal Project: How an Independent Master Supply Chain Plan May Have Saved 29 Months and $138 million

Bahrain’s National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA)’s LNG import terminal project seems to be on path for a 7-yearcycle: NOGA initiated partnering steps […]

Pemex Is Buying Jackups and Partnering with Keppel to Build More. Should It Rent The Oil Rigs Instead?

Pemex is investing in offshore oil exploration and production to reverse a 25% drop in oil production levels over the past 10 years, […]

Supply Chain Planning Critical to Latin American Oil & Gas Capital Project Profitability

Budgeting and controlling investment costs for Latin American oil & gas projects can be particularly tricky. If investors and owners don’t use reliable information […]

Making the Case for Floating Renewable Energy Nodes (FRENs)

Most people assume that the economics of one energy technology will prevail over the others for extended stretches of time. Sure, large oil […]

DONG-Siemens Collaboration a Model for Long-Term, Sustainable Supply Chain Partnerships

The DONG-Siemens offshore wind collaboration, a long-term relationship that began in 1991 and has involved over 930 turbines used across more than 13 […]

Mainstream Renewable Power Locks in High Cost Structure at Neart Na Gaoithe Windfarm

In contrast to other windfarm owners and developers that have established supply chains that achieve economies of scale through standardization, and replication of […]

Savvy Supply Chain Planning the Key to North Sea Offshore Wind farm Profitability

The last 12 months have seen the unraveling of many Round 3 offshore UK windfarm plans. Both Vattenfall and RWE, although they are […]

Can Extra Long Monopiles Really Replace Jacket Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines?

Siemens Project Ventures GmbH has apparently not decided which type of wind turbine foundation to use for its 600 MW Hornsea One project […]

Standardization: How RWE Innogy is Minimizing the Supply Chain Cost of a Multi-Project Windfarm (Nordsea 1,2, and 3)

Innogy’s Nordsea windfarm program is a model for supply chain leverage. The program is being constructed in three independent projects (Nordsea 1, Nordsea […]

What Size and Number of Offshore Wind Turbines Should RWE Use to be the Most Cost-Efficient for its Targeted MW Output at Triton Knoll?

What size and number of wind turbine generators (WTGs) should RWE choose to produce the targeted power output from its Triton Knoll and […]

Can Seismic Survey Vessels be Used to Locate the Malaysia Airlines MH370 Jet?

Has anyone thought of deploying seismic survey vessels of the type that are used to do 3D and 4D surveys for subsea oil […]

Offshore Project Time and Cost Compression: Observations from Topsides Conference

Last week’s Topsides conference in Galveston fostered discussion on a wide range of valuable “project supply chain” optimization ideas and case studies. Some […]

Who Can You Trust for Reliable Data on the Profitability of Renewable Energy Projects?

The World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi this week will provide interesting overview and policy perspectives on the need for solar, wind, […]

European Wind Power Projects Can Deliver Positive ‘Return on CapEx’ Through Forward-Looking Supply Chain Planning

The upcoming Wind Developer Congress this week in Berlin should be interesting. I’m hoping that it will help owners, developers, OEMs, and lenders to […]

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